Sylius, The first framework for tailored eCommerce solutions

Sylius is an eCommerce technology that gives you full freedom to create an exceptional customer experience. It integrates with your existing systems and guarantees fast time to market.

Splash Plugin for Sylius provide access to all E-Commerce data : Customers, Products, Orders & Invoices Data.

Sylius - Share your key E-Commerce data across all your apps

This module was designed to share your financial informations with all your business organization.

Your Symfony based Sylius webshop will become one of your "sales channels".

By using Splash for exporting and synchronizing all your sales informations, you can access all you sales in a single place.

Synchronize Sylius Products Stocks

Products stocks are critical for your business! Avoid errors by synchronizing your stocks easily across all your applications.

Merge all your customers data

Once all your modules connected, use the Object Linked to identify and merge all your customers profiles into a single Splash entity. This way, all similar informations will be shared and synchronized anywhere, from CRM (i.e. Wordpress), ERP (i.e. Dolibarr), to other E-Commerce (i.e. WooCommerce, Prestashop).

Consolidate & Simplify your Financial Analytic

Orders and invoices will be automatically exported from Sylius to any other applications you may connect!

Your financial analytics is easier... and with no efforts.